Offering rooms with a collection of authentic artwork, done by Jakuchu Ito, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Okyo Maruyama, and other artists.

 About Shikinean Gion Shirakawa

Enjoy the beauty of
the East and the West in Kyoto

Shikineangionshirakawa is an accommodation that has cut out the elegant life of the ancient capital.
Its one building rental facility offers three distinctive guest rooms. In order to conform the tradition of Kyoto, we committed to the details to produce an luxurious time for our guests.

Our rooms are designed with a glass display case installed.
Each room has a different collection of famous artwork from Japan and Western countries.
Enjoy viewing the changes of the four seasons and the nature surrounding your room alongside the artwork.
Names of artists: Jakuchu Ito, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Okyo Maruyama, Galle, Lalique, Meissen and etc.

About Shikinean Gion Shirakawa

 1F Yumenoukihashi

Relax your mind and enjoy the view
of the Shirakawa River

From the table, you can enjoy the flow of Shirakawa, the appearance of waterfowl to swim gracefully. You can enjoy a quiet time in the streets of Gion. It is a room where you can enjoy the four seasons of Kyoto in love with the art displayed in the museum.

The room is Western style. A king-size bed is available for up to 2 people and up to 3 people can stay for extra bed.

Artwork in the room *Content subject to change.
・Eriko Horiki: Japanese paper screen with holes made by drops of water
・Toshiji Fujita: Cat
・Tessai Fujioka: Summer Landscape
・Takataka Ono: The Strait
・Yoson Ikeda: Otoshunpu
・Joseon dynasty: Dyed bottle
・Musashino Folding Screen: Genroku period  (original work owned by Shikinean)
・Arnold Newman Stravinsky: "Stravinsky" 
・Yakushima Cedar Table: Natural monument
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 2F Sanshisuimei

Enjoy the moment with art

A quiet space where you can see the flow of Shirakawa. The scenery of the four seasons is like art. In addition to the art of representing Japan such as Jakuchu, Western antiques, and contemporary art is a living museum. Spend a leisurely time surrounded by the beauty of the Japan.

The room is Western style. A king-size bed is available for up to 2 people and up to 3 people can stay for extra bed.

Artwork in the room *Content subject to change.
・Jakuchu Ito: Crane (exhibited at Kyoto Municipal Museum)
・Joruri Temple: Buddhist prints, late Heian period
・Zeshin Shibata: Deer under the Moon
・Kikaku Takarai (Basho Matsuo's disciple): Four Seasons
・Alberto Giacometti: Portrait of Pierre Reverdy
・Shoji Hamada: Glazed vase
・Lalique: Danae vase
・Lalique: Night Sky fragrance bottle
・Galle: Dragonfly and water plants, vase
・Aiko Miyanaga: Book-Key
・Kitaoji Rosanjin: Tripod plate with patterns of dots and worms
・Kitaoji Rosanjin: Oribe ware
・Kitaoji Rosanjin: Oribe bowl
・Momoko Shinoda:Sokuten
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 3F Hakuunyuuseki

Enjoy the Japanese culture in Kyoto

A house that encompasses the beautiful Japanese world. It is a beautiful room to feel the Wabi-sabi of modern style that you can experience the life of Kyoto. Enjoy living in Kyoto, surrounded by art that can feel Kyoto.

The rooms is Japanese style. There are usually 2 people in the room of the type to use the futon, and maximum capacity is available for up to 4 people.

Artwork in the room *Content subject to change.
・Hachimaki Kiyokazu: cool evening
・Taiga Ikeno: Bridge with Mountains (listed in his published portfolio)
・Gountei Sadahide: Imperial City Gion Festival Shijo Kawaramachi Map
・Kenzan Ogata: Rice Bowl
・Blue and white pottery: Tea pot
・Hasui Kawase: Sanzen-in Temple
・Chosei Miwa: Higashiyama Map
・Hoji Ito: Konnichian Hut of This Day
・Tokoname: Ohaguro teeth-blackening Pot
・Bizen: Kobizen Ohaguro teeth-blackening Pot
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 About rooms

Offering space with authentic art

Guest rooms handled by Hiroyuki Wakabayashi,a representative architect of Kyoto, are elegant room that boldly constituted the Japanese minimal space while expressing the delicacy of Japan.

There are a number of artworks and items in the room, such as Jakuchu Ito, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Oukyo Maruyama, Galle, Lalique, Natural treasure Yakusugi table, Horiki Eriko's Japanese paper screen, contemporary art, etc. Enjoy a genuine piece of art in love while exploring the good old city. Champagne, beer, sake, soft drinks and mineral water are available free of charge in the refrigerator. Enjoy the choice of matcha, green tea, coffee and tea. We are looking forward to welcoming you with the best quality and convenience.

We have our security system installed by SECOM in order to ensure the security of our customers.