Offering rooms with a collection of authentic artwork, done by Jakuchu Ito, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Okyo Maruyama, and other artists.

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 About Shikinean Gion Shirakawa

Enjoy the beauty of
the East and the West in Kyoto

Shikineangionshirakawa is an accommodation that has cut out the elegant life of the ancient capital.
Its one building rental facility offers three distinctive guest rooms. In order to conform the tradition of Kyoto, we committed to the details to produce an luxurious time for our guests.

Our rooms are designed with a glass display case installed.
Each room has a different collection of famous artwork from Japan and Western countries.
Enjoy viewing the changes of the four seasons and the nature surrounding your room alongside the artwork.
Names of artists: Jakuchu Ito, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Okyo Maruyama, Galle, Lalique, Meissen and etc.

About Shikinean Gion Shirakawa